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Where do I see myself 

Note:   Excellent = 5 points;    Good = 4;    Average = 3;    Fair = 2;     Poor = 1.

Thematic Expression

Relevant to '10 Years'
Creativity/Originality of storytelling
How well it fits the time limit
Use of line of dialogue / subtitle

Technical Merit

Filming technique (Appropriate choice of equipment)
Camera skills (lighting, composition)
Editing skills (pace, transition, visual effects)
Sound editing (sound effect, soundtrack and dialogue)

Content/ Plot

Narrative Stucture (Sequence of events, intro/outro)
Flow & Coherency (Storyline is understandable or unclear)
Script Quality

Quality of work

Quality of Video
Music/ Audio quality
Artistic/ Visual Appeal
Clarity of work
Judges' individual scores

Thank you for submitting!

"There’s nothing worse than the moment you’ve realised you’ve forgotten about a piece of work that needs to be done in the next 24 hours. “Where do I see myself in 10 years?” explores a teen who is facing that current problem, with only 30 minutes to write an essay. We watch her as she uses her overactive imagination to piece together some work, making mistakes and attempting to be meaningful alongside that. But hey, at least she got it finished on time."

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