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The UK’s Local Bubble Tea Shop

Welcome to Chatime – the place to be for the best boba tea – a traditional Taiwanese drink that’s popular all over London and the rest of the UK with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. In each of our bubble tea shops, every cup of boba tea we make is a work of art, and a super-fun experience. Available in so many flavour combinations, from our traditional brown sugar milk tea to vibrantly coloured green and fruit teas, we have something for every taste. Wherever you are, from London to Scotland, you’ll find a Chatime boba tea store near you. We source the best quality ingredients, and take pride in our craft, so you always leave with a smile – and a delicious cup of bubble tea.

Find your Local Boba Tea Shop

With 10 bubble tea stores across London, and around 25 – and counting - in cities and towns across the UK, Chatime is everywhere! Check out our interactive location map here to find your nearest bubble tea shop.

Boba Tea Menu

With our huge variety of options, our bubble tea menu lets you personalise your drink exactly how you like it. We make our signature milk tea base with locally sourced milk, and great quality tea leaves. It’s available in flavours including matcha, taro, chocolate, and peach. If you want something fruity, our black and green tea blends include ice and fresh fruit. Our menu is the same for all our boba tea shops across London and the UK.

Brown Sugar Pearls  – With a rich, caramelised toffee flavour, our brown sugar tapioca pearls blend beautifully with quality roasted tea.

Milk Bubble Tea  – Chatime’s signature milk tea comes in different flavours, from matcha to chocolate and peach. Add tapioca boba, or enjoy on its own.

Fruit Tea  – with a base of aromatic black or green tea, these refreshing iced drinks are blended with real fruit slices and juice.

Cooler Tea – available in a range of fruity flavours, from melon and lychee to tangy lemon or passion fruit, our coolers are refreshing and full of flavour.

Find your favourite, or try something new. Explore our full menu here.

Chatime Merchandise

Check out our range of branded, boba tea themed merchandise. The Chatime giftbox makes the perfect present for a bubble tea fan – it includes bubble tea plushies, a calendar, a pencil case and more.

Order online, for shipping around the UK.

Tea Lab

from the fields of Taiwan to your local boba tea shop

All the tea we use in our boba tea stores across London and the UK is farmed in the mountainous Nantou County in Taiwan. Our farming methods promote sustainable development. We use traditional tea making techniques that result in some of the best quality tea available.

Find out more about our tea lab here.

Own a Bubble Tea Store – Chatime Franchising

Chatime operates a thriving franchising system. Run your own business, and become one of our hundreds of Chatime bubble tea shops all over the world.


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