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My10 years

Note:   Excellent = 5 points;    Good = 4;    Average = 3;    Fair = 2;     Poor = 1.

Thematic Expression

Relevant to '10 Years'
Creativity/Originality of storytelling
How well it fits the time limit
Use of line of dialogue / subtitle

Technical Merit

Filming technique (Appropriate choice of equipment)
Camera skills (lighting, composition)
Editing skills (pace, transition, visual effects)
Sound editing (sound effect, soundtrack and dialogue)

Content/ Plot

Narrative Stucture (Sequence of events, intro/outro)
Flow & Coherency (Storyline is understandable or unclear)
Script Quality

Quality of work

Quality of Video
Music/ Audio quality
Artistic/ Visual Appeal
Clarity of work
Judges' individual scores

Thank you for submitting!

"Ten years will change a lot of things. Ten years ago, I had no idea about my future until I came into contact with the camera during my postgraduate study in Sweden. After that I decided to hold cameras in my whole future, so I took a break from my studies and started on a new path. The story in this video tells about my experience."

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