• Employment

How do I apply for a job?

We are glad you are enthusiastic about joining our team!! You can fill out the employment form which can be found here: We're Hiring!

What happens next?

If you are successful we will be in contact with you shortly. If you do not hear from us, we have not been able to locate a suitable position at this point in time.

  • Chatime Teas

How many kilojoules are in the teas?

We have tested our full range for kJ information, you can see the kJs displayed on our online menu.

Are your products Halal?

Chatime products are not Halal certified. All our products are gluten and gelatine free, including our toppings. No animal products are used except for teas which have dairy in them and pudding topping. We use full cream milk or cream and no artificial creamers.

Are your products suitable for vegans?

All our fruity iced teas are vegan friendly, as well as these Ice Blend range: Matcha Red Bean Frappe, Honeydew Slush, Mango Frappe, Passion Fruit Slush. All our toppings (except the Pudding) are vegan friendly. Our pearls do not contain gelatine, they are made from tapioca, a starch made from the root of the cassava plant.

Where can I find the nutritional value of the drinks?

At this point in time, you can see the kJ displayed on our website.

What are the ingredients in your teas?

Due to the confidential nature of our recipes we do not disclose the ingredient listing for our teas. If you would like to see a full nutritional breakdown for our teas, please see our menu.  If you have an allergen query, please click here and we can let you know if the teas or toppings contain certain ingredients.

Do you have caffeine-free teas?

All our teas do contain caffeine, however, some of our drinks can be made without tea. If you ask our staff, they may be able to serve you a drink without the tea, which would mean it is caffeine free. This mostly applies to the drinks in our ‘Frozen’ Category as the tea content is smaller in those. Our more popular drinks, such as Chatime Milk Tea with Pearls or Lychee BlackTea are not available in caffeine free at present, but we are considering options for the future.

  • Sweetness

When I’m asked if I want to customise my sweetness level, what does this mean?

Chatime allows you to customise the additional sugar added to your flavoured Chatime. You can choose to have the standard recipe,70% sugar, half sugar, 30% sugar or no sugar.

What sugar is used in Chatime drinks?

Our flavour syrups are derived from fruits and naturally contain fruit sugars.

The additional sugar used in Chatime drinks is a Fructose syrup.

How many grams of sugar are used in Chatime teas?

The amount of total sugar used in our teas varies according to the ingredients used. To see a nutritional breakdown of our teas (including the grams of total sugar used), please refer to our menu.

In general, our standard teas contain 28g of added fructose which is an equivalent of 361kJ.
** Based on average of 1oz sugar in teas.

An average Chatime has the same amount of added sugar as a full fat flavoured milk or energy drink (as per Sugar Content of Popular Drinks)

You can choose to reduce the added sugar in your flavoured Chatime – just ask for 70% sugar, half sugar, 30% sugar, no sugar.

How many kilojoules are in the teas?

We have tested our full range for kJ information, you can see the kJ displayed for our standard teas on our website. If you wanted to see the nutritional breakdown of each tea, please refer to our online menu.

What does ‘regular’ sugar mean?

The standard recipe is optimised for flavour and may include some added sugar. When a T-rista asks if you would like ‘regular sugar’, this refers to the amount of added sugar in the original recipe.

If I order 70%, half, 30% or no sugar, what does this mean?

When you order 70% sugar, the amount of added sugar is reduced by 30%.

When you order half sugar, the amount of added sugar is reduced by half.

If you order 30% sugar, only a third of the added sugar will be used.

If you ask for no sugar, our staff won’t add any additional sugar to your Chatime.

  • Packaging

Plastics Packaging

Chatime cares about our environmental footprint. We are reviewing the amount of plastic and types of packaging available to us. As you can appreciate, this is a long-term initiative, but we are passionate about sourcing the best quality products and packaging to give customers a premium experience.